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World Factory for Electric Vehicles: Turkish CKD Cooperation Case

    ARORA, one of the biggest e-bike factory in Turkey, signed CKD Cooperation Plan with MiLG in December,2009.That is our first CKD Cooperation Plan, which lain the foundation of MiLG determining to be the e-bike world’s factory.

    ARORA has a standardized assembly line, research and development team. It’s long-term commitment is to seek the latest electric scooter models, and then purchase the parts from high quality suppliers, at last finish assembling and sales in domestic.

ARORA Ltd exports nearly 10,000 units e-bike from our company since 2009,we also offer the models which meet the needs of its market. Especially, we set up a technique development group to convert some special models since 2012,which provide great help to take market share of Turkey for ARORA Ltd.

     Now several customers are learning the CKD Cooperation Plan, and we are moving towards the e-bike world’s factory.

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